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Lankstumas , Tikslo formulavimas

Tina Seelig: The little risks you can take to increase your luck

Why the secret of success is setting the right goals

Youtube search for setting the right goals

Деменышь (ученик Норбекова): Достижение целей. Работа с Целями – Метод ЭФА

Geriausi valdininkai – neformalūs:
Good Managers and Great Managers
The Perfect Boss: Dr. Axel Zein at TEDxStuttgart

Садгуру – Почему тяжелый труд не приводит к успеху

Atkaklumas ir Lankstumas – Persistence and Resilience:

How to find the person who can help you get ahead at work – The workplace is often presented as a meritocracy, where you can succeed by putting your head down and working hard. Wall Street veteran Carla Harris learned early in her career that this a myth. The key to actually getting ahead? Get a sponsor: a person who will speak on your behalf in the top-level, closed-door meetings you’re not invited to (yet). Learn how to identify and develop a productive sponsor relationship in this candid, powerful talk.

How to get further in your career

NEVER GIVE UP – Advice From The Most Successful People On The Planet – Powerful motivational video

How I accidently changed the way movies are get made – How does Hollywood choose what stories get told on-screen? Too often, it’s groupthink informed by a narrow set of ideas about what sells at the box office. As a producer, Franklin Leonard saw too many great screenplays never get made because they didn’t fit the mold. So he started the Black List, an anonymous email that shared his favorite screenplays and asked: Why aren’t we making these movies? Learn the origin story of some of your favorite films with this fascinating insider view of the movie business.

What makes an entrepreneur? | Sahar Hashemi  – the importance of being clueless

Nepasiduok – parodyk charakterį – Один из лучших раундов в мире бокса

Seriale Billions pagrindinis herojus Bobby Axelrod veržliai siekia tikslo – nežiūrint į nesekmes, eina pirmyn, ieško idėjų, ir pasiekia savo:  Шедевральная презентация от Бобби Аксельрода

Vienas veržliausių ir turtingiausių Rusijos verslininkų dalinasi patirtimi apie motyvaciją ir veržlumą: Сергей Галицкий: Я понял фишку в бизнесе. Лучшее интервью!

Lankstumas ir veržlumas derybose:
Negotiation skills
The 7 mistakes people make when they negotiate

Tikro va(l)dovo lankstumas – sugebėjimas taip atsakyti, kad priešininkas jį dar daugiau gerbia:
Брежнев и барон (к/ф „Заяц над бездной”)

How To Avoid Embarrassing Yourself In An Argument – Jordan Peterson

Lankstus mąstymas:
Flexibility-Key to a Growth Mindset
ГИБКОЕ СОЗНАНИЕ. Или как научиться выходить за рамки

How to turn the political conversation around

Kolektyvo Valdymas:

A blueprint for diversity in the workplace – The basics on how to nurture and manage groups of people with different backgrounds and perspectives — on a micro and macro level.

Pastabumas ir Dėmesingumas

A lesson on looking – Are you looking closely? Visual educator Amy Herman explains how to use art to enhance your powers of perception and find connections where they may not be apparent. Learn the techniques Herman uses to train Navy SEALs, doctors and crime scene investigators to convert observable details into actionable knowledge with this insightful talk.

The art of misdirection | Apollo Robbins

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