11(g) Kontroliavimas

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Control, Micromanagement

You can’t control the weather, but that doesn’t stop some people from trying

You can’t manipulate people who know how to think for themselves

A bird cannot love freely when caged

Controlling Others Quotes

We get so focused on micromanaging God and His Kingdom that we forget to realize that He is more than capable of handling things on His own!

Micromanagement quotes


Confessions of a recovering micromanager

„Men are not piano keys“ Jordan Peterson on Dostoevsky’s Notes From Underground

Global control

Live and let live

Please release let me go

Related to 2(g) Dogmatism, 4(f) Surveillance, 4(g) Prohibition, 8(f) Stress, 13(g) Anxiety, 13(h) Meticulousness, 16(f) Spying, 18(f) Manipulating, 21(e) Cockiness

Incompatible with 7(a) Fairness

Put control onto yourself to increase 7(c) Persistence, 8(c) Concentration, 8(d) Diligence,  15(d) Restrain

Контроль, Мелочность, Дотошность

Странно. Человек хочет держать всё под контролем и любить жизнь одновременно…

Можешь не волноваться. Все выходит из-под контроля самым лучшим образом

Цитаты про контроль

Притчи о контроле


Тотальный контроль

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