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Atsipalaidavimo muzika: Beautiful Relaxing Music 24/7


How to exercise when it’s the last thing you want to do

The secret to self control | Jonathan Bricker

Победитель японского шоу талантов KAMIWAZA 2013

A simple way to break a bad habit | Judson Brewer

4 simple exercises to strengthen your attention and reduce distractibility

Remember people’s names once and for all — by using this technique from memory champs

ВСПОМНИТЬ ВСЕ: 7 упражнений для развития памяти


How to break bad management habits before they reach the next generation of leaders | Elizabeth Lyle – Companies are counting on their future leaders to manage with more speed, flexibility and trust than ever before. But how can middle managers climb the corporate ladder while also challenging the way things have always been done? Leadership expert Elizabeth Lyle offers a new approach to breaking the rules while you’re on your way up, sharing creative ways organizations can give middle managers the space and coaching they need to start leading differently.


Incredible Performance From Olga Korbut
How I climbed a 3,000 foot vertical cliff – without ropes
Times People Found Some Truly Perfect Handwriting Examples That Were Too Good Not To Share
Simon Didn’t Believe He Is From Earth!
Top 10 Tap Dancers of All Time

Filmas Peaceful Warrior

Ištrauka iš filmo “Samurajus”, kai jis smuklėje sugaudė muses paprastais valgymo pagaliukais;

kortų valdymo menas – Amajakas Akopianas;

muzikos (ypač bliuzo ir džazo) improvizacijos; …

šokių improvizacijos: Band Odessa — Целуй, целуй

Nepilnavertiškumas, Kompleksuotumas:

Лабковский – Как избавиться от комплексов. Как найти идеального супруга

Laisvumas + Susikaupimas = Nepriekaištingumas

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