16(j) Niekšiškumas, Kenkimas, Sabotažas, Griovimas, Keikimas

English: Meanness, Baseness, Vileness, Turpitude, Villainy, Wrecking, Sabotaging, Subversion, Wrongdoing, Damning

Meanness is a monster that usurps your self-control because you cowardly allow it to conquer you

Nothing is more unpleasant than a virtuous person with a mean mind

Meanness demeans the demeaner far more than the demeaned

Meanness is incurable; it cannot be cured by old age, or by anything else

Meanness quotes

The vilest of men and the wickedest of women likewise may do good from time to time, for compassion and pity may be found in even the blackest of hearts

Some things that goes out of your mouth can wrap itself around your neck and choke you to death in future

The mass, whether it be a crowd or an army, is vile

Vile quotes

Vile on Merriam-Webster

Art of Villain

May be related to 3(j) Awfulness, 4(j) Cowardice, 6(j) Abuse

Incompatible / Confused with 3(a-d) Modesty and above, 4(a-d) Duty and above, 7(a-d) Dedication and above … and with most other white and yellow cells

Russian: Подлость, Низость, Мерзость, Вредительство, Проклинание

Если во имя идеала человеку приходится делать подлости, то цена этому идеалу — дерьмо

Не ищите подлецов. Подлости совершают хорошие люди

Можно улыбаться и быть подлецом

Человек способен на любые мерзости, которые может выдумать

Цитаты про Подлость

Притчи о Подлости

Подлость синонимы

Вкрадчивая Подлость

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