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Image result for heraclitusHeraclitus is ancient philosopher who widely used the principle of Unity of Opposites. Everything is composed of oppositions, and our psyche is no exception. The opposite of one  profound truth is another profound truth, and both of them produce what we call the Reality.

Image result for standing wave is sum of two oppositeEverything is „standing wave“ composed of two opposite forces, thus generating d’Alembert’s wave equation, Newton’s Third Law, Second law of Thermodynamics, and many other effects that we face everyday.

The Tao of Physics

Yet we live not in just 1 or 2 dimensions , but also in 4, 8, 24 or 240. The first four come from the Hurwitz’s theorem (composition algebras), whereas the latter two (24 and 240) from the Leach Lattice and combinatorial analysis.

24D corresponds to 24 segments in the Atlas of Feelings . Each segment is a new dimension of our Soul, thus forming the Leach Lattice. Considering that our Soul can be viewed as an abstract mathematical space, the Leach Lattice would correspond to a Pure Love state, where all central (yellow) cells are united into ONE

24! ~ 6 x 10^23 is Avogadro’s number, corresponding to the number of protons and neutrons in a gram of matter, number of atoms or molecules in a gram-molecule (mole) of matter, number of proteins in a mammal organism, number of cells in all human beings, number of moles in a typical planet, and number of stars in a visible Universe

24D also represent „triple“ octonionic space used to describe our consciousness and entire Universe:

On the algebraic structure of consciousness
An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything
John Baez 24

More in Lithuanian:

Matematinė Psichologija
Šventoji Kombinatorika
Pagrindinės Sielos Būsenos
Proto Gardelės
Apie Mąstymo Prigimtį

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