Information Tagging

Ability to tag any information (movies, stories, photos, music) to our keywords. Keywords can be either typed using keyboard or selected from the slide-bar(s)

When typing a keyword, one should get the closest match (autocomplete, e.g., „hon” should yield „honest” and „honor” from the Atlas). When finished typing (or selected from the list), one should be able to:

  • See the related / confused words from the same cell (“psyset”), its relations, ‘confusions’, and immediatre neighbors (e.g., „honesty” should be accompanied by Sincerity, Truthfulness, Apology, Knowing, Nobleness, Openness, Dignity, Confidence). One can select any number of suggested words (using checkboxes?).
  • Type another word, while disregarding the related words of the previous entry
  • See the related character traits using the Traits-from-Words module

Any word should automatically be assigned with the “average” weight, which can be changed to either “high” or “low”. For example, Forrest Gump could have the following words: Faith, Devotion, Sincerity, Peculiarity (all high weights), success, wisdom, naturalness (all average weights), dumbness, drugs, hippies, Vietnam, shrimps, running, politics (all low weights). (Compare to the imdb’s “plot keywords”)

At any time one should be able to (1) see all selected words with their weights, (2) remove any word from selection’s list, (3) change any word’s weight

If a selected word is not on our list, it should be added to our list

Instead of typing a word, it could also be selected from the vertical “slide-bar”. Sliding to the right puts a word to the “basket”, after which one should:

  • See the related / confused words, from which he can select any number of such words (as above).
  • If these words hinder the unrelated slide-bar words, then there should be a button removing the related words and showing the unrelated words (button could be titled as “new words”, “refresh” or similar)
  • Select a new word from the vertical slide bar (unrelated to the previous one)
  • See the related character traits using the Traits-from-Words module

Vertical slide-bar can have words arranged by “random cards” (mimicking the cards from Atlas’ board-game), positive / negative “moods”, or randomly

Global Wisdom Network

Heraclitus 24 Update

Character Traits from Words

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