Heraclitus 24 Update

Simplify the existing front-end of Heraclitus, so that:

– It can be used by the ordinary people for tagging any information (videoclips, movies, stories, music, graphic, etc) on any (affective) key-words – see the information tagging for details

– Any sets of keywords should be automatically converted to personality types, as described in Character Traits from Words

– Ability to hide all windows, except the ‘assets’ window (like in the current WP variant) – no ‘synsets’, neighbors, and other „complex” windows (also including hiding the atlas)

– Transfer WP links automatically (or at least copy-paste, now every Heraclitus field has to be filled in by hand)

– Possibility to enter new keywords/phrases (in Lithuanian, English, Russian, with or without assignment to a given cell, not necessarily from wordnet)

– Assigning ‘assets’ to keywords/phrases – e.g., ‘character traits’, like Feeling w/ Characters, ‘diagnostic’ questions, graphic images

– Ability to inter-link not only cells, but also words

– Ability to enter links/relationships for other users. Each entry should be tagged with the author’s name (and in the future with character traits on which the ‘effectiveness’ of the links may depend)

– Ability to put a „Like” (or 5-star rating?) and textual comment on each link inserted by independent users

– Possibility to create new atlases (of any sizes, from 1 x 4 to N x M, see examples in Dialectic Wheels and Causal Networks)

– Search field: enter any word or cell coordinates and the corresponding cells are highlighted (as in the current WP)

– Clicking on any cell also highlights orthogonal cells (90 degrees, see WP)

– Changing the coordinates of cells: (i) moving (radially or axially, e.g., if 3(b) becomes 3(d), move old 3(d) to new 3(c), old 3(c) to new 3(b);  likewise, if 3(b) becomes 5(b), move old 5(b) to new 4(b), old 4(b) to new 3(b)); (ii) inter-changing (e.g., if 1a becomes 3b, then 3b becomes 1a).

– Changing the angular position of entire segment (all cells with a given number) : moving axially or interchanging, as above

– Generate a graphic file that can be copy-pasted into other programs (e.g. Chemsketch or Corell, from which one could generate a pdf for printing)

In the future:

Possibility to test the „stability” of a given state – generate questions on how much stronger I feel in white/yellow vs. grey/red cells from orthogonal segments, and a „healing pathway” by visualizing a sequence of white/yellow cells from orthogonal segments

Bind keywords with „multilingual” semantic networks (see multilingual thesaurus, e.g., WordHippo) to trace similar words (synonyms and near-synonyms)

Visualize the semantic / ontological and dialectic / psychological relationships between keywords / phrases like in Causal Networks (see Figs 6, 7, also Visual Thesaurus or WordVis)

Also may be relevant:

Global Wisdom Network (tasks in the end)

Heraclitus 2019

Translated with DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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