Heraclitus 24 Platform

What does it stand for?

Imagine software system that helps you to be happier. A three-step plan towards making it real:

FIRST STEP – Re-creating Atlas of Feelings from scratch, converting it into professional system for semantic/sentiment analysis and development of new psychological (predictive) models:

1) Provide cells with multiple „spreadable“ fields:

a) „Related words“ lists related words and psych terms
b) „Related cells“ lists other cells to which it may relate (with numeric relevances, filled semi-automatically, using synonyms’ search)
c) „Incompatible“ lists incompatible cells/words
d) „Surrounding“ lists neighbor cells (filled automatically)
e) „Balancing“ explains effect of opposite segment (filled automatically)
f) „Confused with“ lists cells that are confused with
g) „Practice“ lists self-development practices

2) Change any cell’s coordinates (drag to new location), with automated re-definition of  above-mentioned fields (neighbors, balancing, other associations to adjust their layers’ numbers)

3) Provide each cell with multiple keywords:

a) Each keyword is „spreadable“, with multiple links to relevant quotations, videos, stories, books, arts, music, exercises, etc.
b) Each keyword can be related to multiple cells (with numeric relevance estimations)
c) Change any cell’s association with various keywords, and keyword’s association with various cells
d) Plot/analyze keyword positions in multidimensional „cell space“

4) Each keyword should have multiple „ontological indices“ that can be:
a) „Weighted“ coordinates of cells in different Atlases and other psychological models
b) any other definitions of oppositions, e.g. general/particular, wholisticity/specificity, mind/heart, extraversion/intraversion, judging/intuiting, etc

Related image5) Generate new atlases with different numbers of segments, layers, and branching patterns:

a) Merge any cells or groups of cells, including entire axial layers or radial segments
b) Split cells / segments into several parallel routes

6) Search all cells across all fields and languages simultaneously, by any word, phrase, coordinate(s), so that all relevant cells become highlighted

7) Self-analysis scenarios:
(a) Based on what you like and dislike, how you speak (ontological analysis of oppositions), what you think of others and of yourself, what others think of yourself
(b) Generate „diagnostic schemes“ (questionnaires) using „weighted links“ of the related / incompatible / confused cells and their immediate surroundings (adjacent cells that clarify the meaning of the central ones)
(c) Generate individual „Soul-maps““: Mark cells that are typical and untypical to you, and program will generate recommendations what to work on.
(d) Random „card“ generation to pick cells, each time with new (synonymous) keywords …

8) Integrate with MBTI, Big Five (5 x 6 facets) , Socionics: click any factor to see related cells; click any cell to see related factors; enter their test results to see problematic cells;  enter your character spectrum to see their results

Related image9) Many other tools for relating words to multiple meanings (semantic and sentiment analysis) and developing new psychological models for behavioral prediction, self-analysis, motivation, education and entertainment

Perhaps the biggest problem of our society is that our words are detached from what we actually mean. Each word has multiple meanings and each meaning has multiple directions in the global space of moral values. Heraclitus 24D will allow one to visualise these relations, thus removing much confusion from what we actually mean and where we want to head

SECOND STEP – Building multiple psychological (predictive) models that can become independent applets:
What’s up with ME
What’s up with ME – small atlases
Gender-Maturity Profiles
Possible Interfaces

Related imageTHIRD STEP – The  Crowdsourcing „Soul-Pedia“ platform where anyone can provide new quotes, stories, movies, etc and get paid via the FEE-Links scheme. All of us need „targeted support“, which can be gained through the Soul-Pedia’s diagnostics and (ever-increasing) „healing“ database(s). Also, everyone will be able to create their own „Soul-Books“ (e.g., as pluggins to FB) with personal Atlases, „healing“database(s) and diagnostic mechanisms  …

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